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Eyes that are able to see the PM2.5--laser PM2.5 detector



These days,we have been spammed by the "fog" put forward by Chaijing. Chaijing said ,what a man will be to do is because that there's love in his heart.For her love ,she did a deeep investigation at her own expence.The video she made has sparked an unprecedented attention around the country.The PM2.5 is too to be seen for us ,so it's a war with an invisible enermy. So for your love ,in order to win the war,the most important problem is that how to see our enermy--PM2.5?

You can learn the air quality of your neighbouring from the media or netwook,but how long time you are stay outside.And what's the air quality of your home and office?

        The PM2.5 is harmful to us ,so we should close the door only because the outside pollution?The value of PM2.5 indoors also can reach to 400μg/m3.And there will be some peculiar smell and a lot of carbon dioxide(the picture below is the data of CO2 in a closed dormitory,it can reach to 2000 PPM from 500PPM in  night), so you should better open you window frequently.


The physiological reactions of human caused by the concentration of carbon dioxide are as follows.

350~1000 PPM:air is fresh,breathe easier

1000~2000 PPM:air turbidity,and began to feel drowsy

2000~5000 PPM:feel headache,drowsiness,sluggish,unable to concentrate,the heart speeds up,mild nausea

Greater than 5000 PPM:may lead to serious lack of oxygen,resulting in permanent brain damage,coma and even death.

How to solve the contradiction between the fog and opening the window.If you have the eyes that can see PM2.5,you will have a guide to act immediately on when to open the window and when to open the purifier.The magic eye is --PM2.5 moitor.

      Just a few hundred yuan,you will be able to monitor the air quality and .Eyes to protect you the health of your family--Laser PM2.5 monitor.Only have you saw the PM2.5,can you give your family a n effective protection.