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The meaning of cloud air quality monitoring


    Using the cloud sever monitoring PM2.5 ,CO2 and other air quality data can display the data centrally on the large screen.The school leader and parents can see the air quality of the classroom using mobie phones and computer.

    Achieve the real-time monitoring of the air quality in the classroom,after parameters exceed the system can realize the automatic alarm so that you are easy to found yhe problem and take action.Then get the air quality up to the standards and keep the child healthy ,reduce the incidence of a disease.Some purification filters in school are saturated failure.If not the monitoring system ,it would be difficault to change in time,also unable to evaluate the air purifier efficiency and the concentration of the PM2.5.Parents monitor the air quality of the classroom by mobile phone can also improve the reputation and social image of the school.

    The picture below is the platform that display centralized.



Construction cost

    A purification system spend about 5000 to 20000 yuan according to the selection of the classroom.Cloud monitoring system within 1000 yuan ,suppose there are 20 people in the classroom,the capita costruction will be 300 to 1000 yuan.

    The operating cost mainly be the filter changing,about 1000 to 2000 yuan a year or more lower.The air purification in the school where is a crowed place has a very high performence,the capita investment is low,the effect is good.With fresh air purification in the classroom ,children can breath clean air though the environment is polluted. It also plays an important role in children's growth and  study.