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The influence of the traffic on PM2.5



    [Qilu network-April 9]PM2.5 is not strange to us.In order to make everybody understand this pollutants more intuitively,a professor invited by the traffic police of Jinan bridge get the conclision of the relationship between PM2.5 and traffic by the specialized instruent.Hope to give you a little inspiration.

    On the day of the test is Nova Fitness Co,.Ltd.The instrument is named as SDM805.According to the inspector LiuYiping.Test the PM2.5 according to the principle of light scattering and get the relationship between the PM2.5 and traffic according to the display value and the numerical of vehicle. 

    The selected test points were separately long-distance bus station,the riverside where the taffic is less and the closed community.The average value of the PM2.5 were 120μg/m3,108μg/m3,95μg/m3.

    Through the test during 7:30 10 a.m.,we got the conclusion that automobile exhaust can lead to the raise of PM2.5,the PM2.5 also raised when at the traffic light,due to fewer vehicles in the closed community the value of PM2.5 is low.


Engineer LiuYiping from Nova Fitness Co,.Ltd said,the traffic and the crowded is heavy at 8 a.m.-the rush hour of Jinan.Now the value of PM2.5 is 112μg/m3,more than a decade or two than usual.The data graph of the real-time detection at the rush hour.


LiuYiping introduced that there will be a peak when the trucks buring diesel passed by at the traffic light. 

So how will the vlue change if the traffic is low? Reporter selected the river named Donggognshang as the second test points. 

LiuYiping introduced that the present value is 108.Because the value at the intersection is high,the surroudings will be relatively higher through the atmospheric diffusion.

The finally test points was the Jade county village-a gated community with good environment.What was the value of the PM2.5 here?

LiuYiping introduced,bacause here were fewer cars the numerical was around 95,so we can see car has a great influence on the PM2.5.

The engineer came to the conclusion through the above data that there's a closed relationship between the traffic and PM2.5.

The traffic police of Jinan bridge also advocate the citizens to have a green travel and minimize the use of private cars.

The deputy of the traffic police Chensheng said,the traffic police advocate "1.3.5"travel concept,namely within 1 km walking,within 3 ride a bike,5 km by bus.

Healthy life style must be advocated for our blue sky and white clouds.

Hope more people have a low carbon and green travel,make a contribution to the environent.