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Mosquito coils making a high PM2.5-value




"The beginning of summer,the mosquitos to fight".

It's time for mosquitos to be rampant.In order to drive mosquitos the mosquito coils are widely used.Recently,the mosquito coil is said to be making PM2.5 by the Wecha.Rumors also spread that lit mosquito coils all night can produce a large amount of harmful gas which is equal to 6 packs of cigarettes.Is it real that sall as mosquito coils is harmful to us ?

6May,the Jinan Times reporter had an experiment in Nova Fitness Co,.Ltd.

Experiment preparation:Reproters had visited several large supermaket,it is found that the smokeless mosquito coils accounted for more than half of all mosquito coils.The reporter bought some mosquito coils in brand of AMD,Johnson and Gunner to do experiment.

Experimental items:PM2.5detector,air purification,mosquito coils,electric mosquito liquid,cigarette.

Experiment:test the PM2.5 level while the mosquito coil is burning in a sealed box 

Experimenters placed mosquito coils in the 0.6-cubic meter-sealed box.The value of the PM2.5 in the sealed box is stable at 70 μg/m3.The experimenters placed 3 samples of mosquito coils in the box respectively and placed the detector near the mosquito coils,then make the door fast.The testing time is last for 10 minutes.

After half an hour,the experiment is over.According to the nantional safety standards.The concentration in per cubic meter should be no more than 75μg/m3.Hower,after 3 samples mosquito coils bured,the concentration of PM2.5 has exceeded the bid badly.

The result:in the sealed box,the concentration of PM2.5 had exceeded the bid badly.

Experiment:after the mosquito had burned if the PM2.5 was excessive

The experimenters tested 3 samples of mosquito coils again in a ordinary bedroom of 10 square meter.

The experimetal results showed that after the mosquito coils of AMD and Johnson had burned half an hour,PM2.5 was overweight.The smokeless mosquito coils is close to the national standard of PM2.5 concentrition.

Results:after burned the two kinds of mosquito coils in the bedroom of 10 square meter the PM2.5 was overweight.The smokeless mosquito coils is closed to the national standard of PM2.5 concentration.

Experiment:test if the electric mosquito coils will produce PM2.5

As a commonly used product in summer,to drive the mosquito,whether the electric mosquito will produce PM2.5?Reporters went to the superaket to buy the electric mosquito and had an experiment in a 0.6-cubic meter-box and a 10-square meter-bedroom  respectively in Nova Fitness Co,.Ltd.Results show that afer half an hour the concentration of PM2.5 had risen to 139μg/m3 in the 0.6-cubic meter-box.Then experimenters placed the electric mosquito coils in the 10-square meter-bedroom found that the value of PM2.5 is nearly the same as before.

Results:electric mosquito produce little PM2.5.

Experiment:test the PM2.5 a cigarette released

Experimenter lighted up a cigarette in the 0.6-cubic meter-box and 10-square meter-bedroom respectively.After 5s,the concentration of PM10 had reached to 999μg/m3 in 1 minute,the concentration of the PM2.5 also reached to 999μg/m3.Put the cigarette in the 10-square meter-bedroom ,a few minutes later,the whole atmosphere became smoky,reporters choose several test points to find that the average concentration had reached to 495μg/m3.

Results:cigaratte lighting exceeds bid badly


It can be seen from the above four groups of experiments,mosquito coils realy has a great influence on air quality.But it is not scientific to comapre a mosquito coil to 6 packs of cigaretttes simply.There are differences between the two kinds of pollutants released by pollution sources.However,existing techonology can not estimate the equivalent amount yet.

Experts said

Mosquito coils released PM2.5 leading to air pollution 

According to engineer LIuYiping comes from Nova Fitness Co,.Ltd,the main ingredients of mosquito coils is chrysanthemum eater- a kind of effective pesticide to kill flies.Chrysanthemum ester itself is nontoxic  to human body ,but the PM2.5 produced with mosquito coils burning can really lead to air pollution.

A doctor tells to reporter ,in the process of burning mosquito coils can produce some superfine particles ,these particles can trigger asthma or other respiratory disease.The superfine particles  inhaled into the lungs induced asthma or respiratory diseases.For bronchial asthma ,especially in patients with allergic-asthma or other allergic diseases patients,should better not to use mosquito coils.

Mosquito coils burning strategy putted by environmentalist :pay attention to the ventilation when lit mosquito coils ,it's benefit for pollutant diffusion;use smokeless mosquito coils ,because it can produce less pollutant than smoky mosquito coils; in the light of great ability to kill mosquito ,you can properly reduce the dosage of the mosquito coils according to your conditon ;select the product that produce little pollutant .