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How to use the indoor purifier?



       The effect of indoor purifier:

A lot of function: remove the haze,namely PM2.5,peculia smell(also called TVOC),formaldehyde and kill bacteria and virus.We just measured the effect of purification of haze,and have no voice to others.It's possible to cut the PM2.5 by 5-8 times for a qualified purification.That's to say if the PM2.5 outdoors has over 150μg/m3,the PM2.5 indoors can maintain the optimum level under 35μg/m3.Although the peculia smell and formaldehyde can be reduced by ventilation ,but the fog comes from outside ,so it's no use to ventilate. 

How many purifiers are needed?

It can be calculated according to the amounts of rooms.Generally speaking,a purifier can be used for a room,the efficiency is very low if a purifier used for many rooms.In a room,it's contradictory that whether to close the door,the purification effect is better if you close the door,but the ventilation is worse,and it not convenient to come in and out.So it is simple to open the purifier at the same time.

How to choose the volume of the purifier?

The purifier has a suitable area.You'd better to choose a purifier whose suitable area is larger than your room and avoid the horse-drawn cart.

Whether to close the door and windows outside?

The fog mainly comes from outside.It reachs to the best effect when you close the door,but it is inconsistet with ventilation.Because there's other pollutants indoors such as peculia smell,decorate pollution,formaldehyde,carbon dioxide people produced,carbon monoxide produced by fuel,so the purify effect for indoor pollution has not be tested.But the concentration of carbon dioxide ,carbon monoxide and oxygen is unable to be solved.It's contradictory because it's to reduce the pollution to open the window and to have a good purify efffect to close the door.So we should take two evils and choose the light way.

Keep the windows closed and open the purifier after a breath.It's complex to keep the door open and close if there's no purifier in the fog whether.Because it is effective when you just close the door ,after a long time ,it comes to a balance with the outdoor.The effect is small of shutting the window.

Heavy fog days ,close the window and open the purifier.Light fog days ,open the purifier and keep the speed at a lower level.No fog days,ventilate normally,and no need to open the purifier.

Adjust the size of the window seam,it is in principle to adjust the ventilation,but you should combine with the wind speed outdoor.


Put it in the room that in need,if you hate the noise ,it also can be putted in the neighbor room,but the efficient is much smaller.The best placement is comonly on the instructions,it's much better to equiped a PM2.5 detector.

How to use the indoor prifier in a most effective way?

In fog days,when you go home,you should close the windows and open the purifier.Then turn the purifier slow when the PM2.5 decreasing at a low speed.But if you have no PM2.5 detector,how did you know whether the air has reached to the standards?

The role of the PM2.5 detector

(1)The operations above belongs to the blind man touched the elephant if you are without a PM2.5 detector. No organs can know the PM2.5 and the lungs just deposite the particles of fog but haven't evolved to perceive the fog.Eyes are visible during the day,but it washed-up interior.Indoor and out door are both worth at night.Not like the temperature,humidity and peculia smell, the particles of fog is what people can't feel.But the harm of it is recoginized by the public,not only pneumoconiosis.

(2)PM2.5 detector:but the measurement of the concentration of PM2.5 is an international problem.However the difficulty is not to measure but the get a precisely result.The differences between two sets imported equipments which costs more than 60000 yuan is nearly 10%.Because the center of the fog is China.So it brings an opportunity to the domestic testing instrument. The precison of the domestic household laser PM2.5 detector can reach to 20%,that's a great progress.

The light sources of the household PM2.5 detector are infrared and laser.Though the measurement of the laser light source is more accurate ,it's price is high.The cheapest also will cost hundreds of yuan,it is really a good thing.Because it can help you to care for you family.Not only the PM2.5 detector will guide you to use the purifier,but can urge you to open the purifier.It is a source of your isistance on a purifier.

Some putifier own PM2.5 detection module ,but some are accurate other are not.Even it can measure the PM2.5 accurately ,the data is of the air ear the purifier,it can not measure the placement where you stay.When opening the purifier the data in different places of the room are different.

Why not open the purifier?

(1)No incentives:unlike temperature,we can't feel the PM2.5 and will not feel the effect of the purifier,the purifier can bedifficult to for a long time.

(2)You don't know whether you need to open a purifier,especially at night.If you don't know whether the concentration of PM2.5 is over the bid,how do you know whether to open the purifier.

(3)The PM2.5 detector id the reward of a purifier:just like open the air conditionig in hot weather,open the heating installation in cold weather.You can see the data in the fog day ,the outside is air pollution ,the indoor air has reach to the optimum.The good mood caused by the actual measurement is the reward .If there is no reward there is no power.

(4)The purifier opened but bad results:maybe your purifier is unqualified,also could be the wrong method,such as change the mesh.For example,you want to purify your big house,open the window while opening the purifier,or your PM2.5 detector itself is not accurate. The data jumped disorderly when open the purifier.