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How can we prevent PM2.5 in daily life



Prevent PM2.5:qualified masks deal with pollution

    The first thing youshoud do is to wear a mask before going out in fog days.It can prevent fumes from the nose and mouth into the lungs.Someone who has the morning exercise habit should stop outdoor activities.The medical masks are divided into three categories: nine models.The letter "N" signify non-oily particles ,"R""P"is the same as "N".Non-oily particles including coal dust,cement dust ,acid mist,welding smoke and microorganisms,ect.Oily particles include oil mist ,smoke lampblack and coke oven ,ect.Each model is divided into three levels of filtration efficiency,they respectively are 95%,99% and 100%. "N95" means that the filter efficiency of non-oily particles is 95%.The standards of the mask in our country is not divided so fine,but the N95 is still such a minimum standards for dust mask.

Prevent PM2.5:personal hygiene

    The fog appears to be mild,but it contains all kinds of acid ,alkali,salt,amine,phenol,dust and other harmful material.Therefore,you should wash you face and bare skin immediately when you go back to home in fog day.

Prevent PM2.5:regulate mood, light diet

    During the fog day,sunshine is less,light is weak,air pressure is low,therefor,somebody will produce the phenomenon of mental laziness and depressed.It is proposed to keep the scientific life rule,avoid excessive overworked,water more, pay attention to light diet, eat less excitant food, eatmore foods such as tofu, milk. To prevent fog pollution,people should increase the body resistance.

Prevent PM2.5:plant green plants

    Plant varieties of green plants in our balcony, terrace and indoor room.In Singapore, the green wall indoors is from the balcony ,windowssill to underground warehouse,plants has been plated from 1 floor to 9 floor.But in Beijing a lot of high-grade office buildings haven't green plants.If each one has 1 square meter plants area,Beijing can be increased by 20 million meters of gree plants.

In the process of interview, whether the office of Wang Xianmin or inddor,the reporter saw many plants .From his experience ,these green plants such as tiger and other green leafy plants ,because its bigger blades ,the adsorption capacity is relatively strong.

Prevent PM2.5:"Stopping driving" is as important as a as a smoking cessation

    "Stopping driving" is as important as a as a smoking cessation.A citizen comes from Hangzhou testing found that smoking causes indoor PM2.5 number increased 10 times ,and in the center of Beijing,the PM2.5 will add 4 to 6 times when the traffic is heavy. The health benefits of quiting smoking is obvious ,and drive as less as possible ,be more on public transportation means,is also contributed to reduce PM2.5.

For your extension: PM2.5 monitoring in China

On October 11, 2012, the Chinese vice minister of the state environmental 

    protection wu xiaoqing said after the new "Ambient air quality standards" issued,the ministry clearly put forward the "three steps" goal on the implementation of the new standard. According to the plan, by the end of 2012, beijing-tianjin-hebei ,Yangtze river delta,the pearl delta and other key refion,and municipality directly under the central government ,cities under separate state planning and capital cities according to the new standard to carry out onitoring and publishing data .So far ,195 sites across the country had been completed PM2.5 equipment installation and commissioning, there are 138 started PM2.5 monitoring sites and publishing data.