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Product Name:
   Laser PM2.5 Monitor--SDL607
Product Summary:
  Overview l Inlet port: Collectingthe tested air; l Power: Shortpress to open theinstrument long pressto turn off the instrumentshort press the button to switch the working modes when the instrument is working; l Display: Display the
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Inlet port:Collecting the tested air;

lPowerShort press to open the instrument, long press to turn off the  instrument, short press the button to switch the working modes when the instrument is working;

lDisplay:Display the value of PM2.5 concentration, PM10 concentration, the battery , and the real-time particle curve;

lVent port:Release the air;

lMicro USB port:USB charging and data communication interface, can be connected with PC to show the real-time curve.


    The latest technology:use laser PM2.5 detection technology, which is the most accurate and responsive;

lThe real-time monitoring:automatic refresh data per second, all-weather monitor the air quality;

lMultiple working model: real-time display PM2.5 and PM10 concentration, particle concentration curve;

lThe liquid crystal display:LCD display, simple and intuitive;

lSmall and portable:small size, so it’s easy to carry and simple to use;

lSuper responsive: the laser sensor and built-in fan make the product responsive;

lData storage : store the data of the last 24 hours;

lTransmit data: data can be transmitted to the computer through the USB, you can see the real-time curve of PM2.5 or PM10 on the display;

lLow power consumption: the monitor can work about 30 hours;

lCertification:products have passed CE/FCC/RoHS certification.

Scope of application

    Home, office, club, college classrooms, hotel rooms, hospital, car, laboratory and other places.

Working principle

Laser light scattering:

   A dedicated bunch of specific laser was produced by a  laser module,when particles     

pass by, the signal will be detected  by the super sensitive digital circuit, the particle 

counting and size is obtained from module,signal data by intelligent analysis and 

recognition, according to professional calibration technology the particle information is 

converted, and get value with the official unit.





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